Account Payble

In the passive cycle the company (buyer) receives the invoices from its supplier and optionally can send an outcome (only for PA invoices) or add extra metadata (e.g. protocol) before archiving it.

In order to reach invoices or notices, it is possible to use a webhook provided by LegalInvoice Hub. More details in the next chapter.

Through the API the customer can:

  • verify the availability of a new invoice;
  • send a notice to the supplier with the outcome of the validation of the invoice;
  • add to an invoince some extra metadata (e.g. protocol);
  • archive an invoice;
  • receive from the SDI a delay notification (deadline passed notice, see references).

Each company must subscribe itself to the passive cycle of LegalInvoice Hub before receiving invoices; in this way, the system can correctly delivery the incoming invoices.

This subscription, that involves the choice of one specific delivery channel (usually, the FTP one), can be managed offline or via API, as follows.

Company creation

Passive Invoices List

Outcome Sending