Build your value with InfoCert solutions.
Fully exploit the benefits of our Trust.

Whether you're an experienced developer or a system integrator, you have come to the right place to understand how to serve your customers with our solutions.

Our ultimate mission is to simplify your transactions, managing all the complexity related to regulatory compliance, fraud risks and business processes, on your behalf.


Sign online documents with the same legal value as the autograph signature.


Get Documents easily signed and create dynamic approval workflows with GoSign.


Certify the date of documents with European Union guaranteed Time Marks, in one click .


Verify eSignatures, advanced and qualified, in accordance with the eIDAS and ESI legislative specifications.


Discover our advanced identification SDK tools to verify your customers identity​.


Get document archived with InfoCert guarantee.


Take advantage of he Italian electronic invoicing system, in accordance with the law, embeddable with ERP management software.


Verification of the validity of a digital signature and timestamp of a document.

Our APIs key numbers

  • 100+
    Millions of API calls for customer onboarding

  • 650+
    Million of eSignature Transactions in 2020

  • 615+
    Millions of Timestamps used in 2020

  • 500+
    Enterprise Customers leverage on our APIs

Do not reinvent the wheel

Integrate our Trust services easily with APIs updated in real-time and access to a demo Sandbox.

Our products versatility has room for the definition and the implementation of many new processes ranging from contract signatures and workflows, to signatures validation, timestamps, onboarding processes and more.​

​Our solutions are suited to startups, System Integrators and companies and are used across the board for B2B, B2C and B2E relationships in the most diverse industries.​

Boost innovation & competitive advantage

Realise new business ideas based on our Trust services and customise products even with little budget. ​

Enhance customer experience creating processes with full legal value:  our services take care of everything on the legal side.​

Boost innovation & competitive advantage

Realise new business ideas based on our Trust services and customise products even with little budget. ​

Enhance customers’ experience creating processes with full legal value: our services take care of everything on the legal side.​

Think outside of the box

“Fail fast”:  Speed up the results and quickly create a Minimum Viable Product using our APIs.​

​Rely on our Qualified Trust Services (European Union eIDAS compliant) and create ​more with less effort and time.​

API success cases

“When we started developing the app, we had clear in mind what the minimum level of service had to be. A service available every day without interruptions, including nights and weekends.

Contacting InfoCert, without hesitation, seemed to us the most logical choice, because InfoCert was the only company able to guarantee us the necessary  flexibility to meet the performance needs we had​.”

Roberto Sommacal, Experience Design Perspective Practitioner at Flowe

“Thanks to InfoCert APIs, we are continuously delivering integrated healthcare solutions to our customers at an unprecedented speed, allowing them to win today’s challenges and translate all this into benefits for their patient”

Nhan Ngo Dinh, AI & Biomedical IT​, Head of Research and Development at Cosmo Pharma

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