Identification Tools

Get your customer identified with our globally recognized AI

Thanks to our Identity Qualification Platform APIs, you integrate web recognition and trusted onboarding services with many different processes.

InfoCert trusted onboarding services guarantee the onboarding process through different technologies such as speaker verification and facial recognition. For example, for opening an account or validation of official acts, regulations may require the certainty of the user.​

Web recognition is now a security model. Many international banks, after testing the absolute reliability of InfoCert web recognition for accounts opening in their own country, have decided to extend its adoption outside of the national borders.​

Online ID recognition is crucial for company growth. Companies can capitalise from InfoCert solutions saving money and time, as well as reducing the risk of frauds and irregularities in the identification process.​

We provide multiple identification modes to address an organization needs. Companies can choose from an array of digital onboarding solutions based on their requirements.​


Let your customer confirm their identity with our self-identification and unattended process that leverages on machine learning and biometric technologies to automate the identification steps.

We can adapt our solution to your processes:​
  • Implement a completely Automated process with AI technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Liveness Detection and Face Matching.
  • Add Backoffice checks to confirm the customer identity;​


Our remote video identification process has the same legal value of a face-to-face identification. A certified Operator verifies the customer identity through a live video call and enhances the verification process with additional AI technologies. 

We can adapt our solution to your processes:​
  • Choose to verify the identity during the video session through the Operator;​
  • Add the AI automated checks with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Face Matching to your process.​

The main building blocks of our platform

Document Capture​


Let the user take a picture of their ID Document: Our OCR reads the Document, gets all data and automatically fills all the fields​.

Document NFC Acquisition​


Access the information contained in the ID Document chip to acquire certified data and the original document picture leveraging on NFC technology.

User Live Video​


We ask users to take a selfie, our system automatically acquires real-time information that verifies a live presence in front of the camera.

Face Matching​


Our AI compares the picture in the ID document with the Selfie that the user has taken to enhance the validity of the verification process​​.

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