Certificate Revocation

Certificate Revocation

Our solution

Signature Revocation is the API service that allows toregistered to end a qualified, advanced or authentication certificate’s usage natural persons and emitted by InfoCert, before its validity period expires.

The choice to revoke involves knowing the available revocation reasons, mapping the revocation reasons to your organization’s revocation policy, and then performing the revocation.

Main features

All kind of certificates registered to natural persons emitted by Infocert CA’s can be revoked

The revocation process involves Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP

Multiple reasons accepted values for revoking a certificat

Benefits for your application


Revocation process in accordance with the eIDAS and ESI legislative specifications


Service adaptable to every organization’s revocation policy


Ease and seamless revoke certificate in your DTM application

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