TOP – Trusted Onboarding Platform

TOP is a modular platform comprising solution building blocks ready to be configured within the framework according to customer’s requirements.

These components are coherently set in a unique technological framework, a consistent data model, a complete auditing of all compliance related events, and a single set of APIs to guarantee an effective adoption path in every business environment.

TOP modules



Allows automated operations on identity documents, user’s picture or live streaming​


Performs an automatic and real-time verification of the validity of the identification document provided by the user and can query third party databases for additional checks and data collection​


Provides multiple identity assertion options, able to manage both ex-ante identification phase, typical of the “actual processes”, and ex-post identification phase, typical of the “prospect processes”.​

Electronic Signature


TOP can enroll different types of certificates, depending on target process requirements.​

They can vary depending on: Trust Level, Validity, Limitations, Devices​


The enrollment and signature processes configured in TOP, in order to respond to specific regulatory requirements, expect a well-defined ownership of the system used to authenticate the user. It can be internal, managed by the CA, and external.​


Electronic signature module can manage both Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), in order to satisfy different risk and trust levels required by business processes.​



Document composition allows the creation of documents by using data already present in the system and produces personalized documents maximizing organizations’ flexibility, security, and integration.​


Signed documents can be distributed through InfoCert’s registered electronic delivery service, granting proof of sending and receiving the data, and protecting of transmitted data against the risk of loss, theft, damage or any unauthorized alterations.​


It ensures, over time, the legal value of an electronic document or a digitized one. ​
It guarantees not only documents legal value but also provides additional benefits such as cost saving and efficiency improvement.​

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