What is about

GOSIGN APIs provide a simple solution to manage online signature processes with legal value via PC, Web or App Mobile.

Our Application can be easily plugged within any existing Customer systems and IT infrastructure: it comes with standard connectors for the most com for other custom applications

How can improve your application

Wit the integration of our GOSIGN APIs in your ecosystem, you create dynamic workflows and include many advanced tools that allow for example:

  • document approval
  • multiple sendings
  • requesting for attachments and forms

GOSIGN APIs allow your client to extend to external users the approval and signature processes.
You can integrate our solution with a wide range of processes, whenever you need flexible signature workflows.
Moreover, you can exploit our solution in your processes, for example, for the creation and management of contracts, acts, documents, invoices, forms or orders.


With our Solution for Transactions & Approvals, companies can digitally prepare, sign, exchange, and store agreements that previously had to be prepared and signed physically.


GoSign reduces the time required to prepare and sign agreements and guarantees full legal value of transactions and signed documents. Savings are especially impressive for contracts with third-party organizations (e.g. business partners or customers).


InfoCert GoSign is the simplest way to get any kind of document signed and it supports all electronic signatures defined in eIDAS Regulation. It can be declined for B2B, B2C, B2E and for internal workflows.


InfoCert GoSign is available in six languages and can be used on web, desktop and mobile application with real-time document tracking.​ External users can also be involved.

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