Go beyond standard communications

What is

GoNotice is the Electronic Registered E-delivery Solution (ERDS) by INFOCERT which allows to set, send and track certified communications through Email or SMS.

How can improve your application

Go beyond standard communication, enabling a reliable e-delivery process within your system. With our GoNotice APIs REST, you enhance your application with digital trusted communication processes with your clients, through two channels:

  • Certified email: if you want to certify the delivery of contents and/or attachments (standard formats) to one or more recipients, with legal value in case of litigation.
  • Certified SMS: If you want to guarantee the sending of content to the recipients’ mobile phone, with legal value in case of litigation.

Integrating GoNotice features streamlines many administrative, legal or marketing & sales use cases such as: recall campaigns, changes of contractual conditions, payment reminders, SMS and DEMs campaigns and many more!

Main Benefits:


Gain full control over the transmitted data avoiding risk of loss, theft or damage.


Streamline and automate delivery processes to save time, reduce errors and cut printing and physical delivery costs.


Keep a secure and auditable record of all deliveries and signatures.


Reduce paper usage and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

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Furthermore, for the purposes referred to in paragraph 4, letter e), f) and g) of the information notice:

  1. I agree to the processing of Data in relation to the sending by the Data Controller of commercial and/or promotional communications relating to own products/services of any kinds or products/services of other companies
  2. I agree to the communication or transfer of Data to other companies who will use them for their own commercial and / or promotional purposes as autonomous Data Controller