eID Gateway

What is

eID GATEWAY is an OpenID connect provider that allows the identification of a user via an external authentication scheme (identity brokering).

eID GATEWAY does not authenticate but delegates the authentication to other Identity Providers (IDPs), then returns the attributes retrieved from these external IDPs in a standard format.

How can improve your application

Thanks to our EID GATEWAY APIs your organization can authenticate a user – for example your customer – by leveraging on existing identity schemes (e.g. SPID or CIE) directly through your web application, receiving a series of verified attributes relating to that particular user.

EIDG has indeed two goals:

  • Identification: retrieves attributes from external IDPs and provides them according to a homogeneous OIDC “userInfo”.
  • Authentication: use EIDG as an authentication system thus acting as a proxy, for example: a user authenticates on a customer’s external site via EIDG which in turn uses a determined identity scheme (such as SPID or CIE), the advantage in this case is that the client who manages the site does not have to implement the particoular identity scheme authentication (such as CIE).

Main Benefits

  • Technological reliability: INFOCERT guarantees an integrated and transparent management of identification processes thanks to the most advanced technologies available
  • Security​: Authentication is based on certified and existing identities and allows your application to take advantage of strong authentication
  • ​Market Standard​: Based on OpenID Connect
  • Scalability​: Possibility of adding other authentication systems (in addition to SPID or CIE)
  • Branded Identification​: Enables the Client Application to act as a Branded identification intermediary