Identity & Onboarding

eID Gateway

Our solution

eID Gateway is an OpenID connect provider that allows the identification of a user via an external authentication scheme (identity brokering).

With our eID Gateway API your application does not authenticate users but delegates the authentication to other Identity Providers (IDPs) that return the identity attributes in a standard format.

Main features


Authenticate a customer or a prospect by leveraging on existing identity schemes

Manage attributes

Retrive and manage attributes from any Identity Provider

Provide attributes

Provide attributes according to a homogeneous OIDC “userInfo”


Authentication system as a proxy, whith no need to implement particular identity schemes

Benefits for your application

Technological reliability

We guarantee an integrated and transparent management of identification processes


Authentication is based on certified and existing identities, allowing your application to benefit from strong authentication

Market Standard

Based on OpenID Connect


Possibility of adding other authentication systems (in addition to SPID or CIE)

Branded Identification

Enables the Client Application to act as a Branded identification intermediary

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