Signature Solutions

Use Cases

Use Cases Overview

This section collects GoSign main business use cases with their relative tasks, adopting an how-to approach. Dive into the most adopted scenarios to find the best fit for your application and start creating dynamic approval workflows

Insert envelope

The main service, a Multipart POST Http Request to add a new envelope in GoSign

Define envelope task

Define following actions to envelopes and recipients, such as:  

Create envelope drafts

Create specific sending mode, depending on document presence or user type:

Include external users

With GoSign you can involve in your digital processes external users (as stranger) such as customers or suppliers:

Advanced Electronic Signature

GoSign allows to sign documents with advanced electronic signature to get higher reliability for your processes

Additional features

Enrich your integration with additional features to provide a comprehensive UX

Notification services

Discover all the services from GoSign to external server in order to notify envelope status

Fill the form to request information

Furthermore, for the purposes referred to in paragraph 4, letter e), f) and g) of the information notice:

  1. I agree to the processing of Data in relation to the sending by the Data Controller of commercial and/or promotional communications relating to own products/services of any kinds or products/services of other companies
  2. I agree to the communication or transfer of Data to other companies who will use them for their own commercial and / or promotional purposes as autonomous Data Controller